Floor repair

First patch work of the floor... That looks like a good place to carve the name "Mitch".

Wet floor

We gave the floor the hose - this gives us an idea of what the floor will look like if we go with a high gloss seal.

Better idea of the now clean floor

Larger shot of the now clean floor...

sweep sweep sweep

A few hours of sweeping and here is what the grinder has given us...

Grinder is on its way back

Grinder is done. You can see some of the demo of the back kitchen area starting to take place...


First run at cleaning 20 year junk off the floor...

Dave and the sander

Dave and the grinder. Dennis had the grinder for about half a day. Dave spent another full day working out the old glue and tar.

Tiles up

Tiles are up. A better view of what we are working with.

First look under tile

Welcome to shit floor. First look under the tile. Old glue. Old tar. Fantastic.

The Floor

A few days in to having the keys and here is what we are looking at. The tape on the floor was used to measure out some store fixtures.