CINDER CONE cassette release & free in-store!

Cinder Cone celebrate the release of their new split with Palo Verde, released on cassette on Los Angeles-based Gewieh Ritual. We'll have copies of the cassette and they'll be playing at 7pm!

Friday, July 29th @ 7pm

Cinder Cone, a two-piece minimalist rock outfit from Los Angeles, emit a thunderous sound. Anyone can attest to this if they have attended a Cinder Cone show, listened to the band’s releases, or even heard a rumbling somewhere near a downtown practice space on the banks of the great LA River. Only two members comprise the band: David plays a drum set and Anthony plays a guitar while vocalizing into a microphone. They do not use keyboards, laptops, or any other technical wizardry to create their sound. If you hear it on the record, they can do it live. Their full sound of octopus drumming and innovative fretwork weave together to place the listener on a propulsive freeway one minute only to drop them off in a placid field the next, capping off the journey with an earthquake of drum rolls and precisely controlled feedback.

SUTEKH HEXEN free in-store 7/27/11 @ 7pm

SUTEKH HEXEN free in-store Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 @ 7pm

"Sutekh Hexen evoke a violent-mix of blown-out raw black metal guitars, psychedelic atmospheres, tortured/screamed vocals and scathing white noise. Steeped heavily in the occult, they take no cues from the derivative, watered down black metal that plagues the scene, but rather push the envelope and make their own path. Sutekh Hexen is about Satanism and their songs express hatred and depression from the bowels of their blackened souls. These are ceremonial rituals drenched in the blood of the weak, this is cult."

MIDLIFE VACATION in-store on July 20th @ 7pm

MIDLIFE VACATION free in-store
Wednesday, July 20th @ 7pm

Midlife Vacation is a duo of two ex-Detroit electronics giants now relocated to the PNW,

individually known as Mammal and Viki.

The early 2000s were fraught with heavy industrial/beat/soundtrack wasteland stylings of these two.

Now they're playing their first shows outside of Michigan as their duo Midlife Vacation, with parts

of their solo projects sound mixed in with influences along the lines of Thrones and

obscure italian soundtrack vibes, Carpenter bass throb and drum hits, and Detroit minimalism.

Check out two songs from their recent performance in Oakland last weekend!

They are also playing a show on Friday, July 22nd at 9pm at Dem Passwords with:

Daily Life (feat. CF of Kites/Mark Lord), Lucky Dragons and Pedestrian Deposit

CRYSTAL ANTLERS - Two-Way Mirror Special Edition & In-Store

Crystal Antlers will be performing free at Vacation Vinyl on July 18th, 2011 at 7pm to celebrate the release of their new album Two-Way Mirror.

Vacation Vinyl is one of the very few stores to have the special limited edition Two-Way Mirror package, which includes the following:
  • Two-Way Mirror 12" on clear vinyl, + CD
  • Son of the Mirror 10" + CD
  • Screenprinted limited blue cover
  • Son of the Mirror lapel pin
  • packaged inside a screenprinted Two-Way Mirror tote bag
  • hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.

Prurient - 'Bermuda Drain' LP

'Bermuda Drain' LP

Available @ Vacation Vinyl (online HERE) Starting Tomorrow, July 12th

We've been banging our head against the wall for months now trying to verbalize what this albums means to us and to the world we work within. We continue to find it a conundrum on every level, a Rubik's cube of sorts, that is helping us to challenge so much of how we think and feel about music, life, relationships and the business that has brought it all together. Our therapist now even has a copy.

Dominick Fernow has been delivering genre defining noise/experimental/electronic releases as Prurient (and via his slew of other bands/collaborations, including Cold Cave, Ash Pool and others) for nearly a decade and a half, many on his own NYC based Hospital Productions. Revered in many circles, and often loathed within them as well, he's cultivated and curated a tastemaking-ly obsessive worldwide following of like minded folks. The beautiful irony is that it is these very folks that will no doubt be most challenged by what Bermuda Drain represents.

On these nine tracks, we can clearly hear the echoes of Prurient's howling past, but are also faced with something perhaps even more unsettling - that being the territory of the unknown present and its indication of possible futures. The album, both in content and sound, is at once violent, magnetic, abrasive and emotional. The more we listen the deeper we fall into it, taking what has been provided and using it as a tool for our own self reflection.

If the true idea of noise is perpetual freedom, then Bermuda Drain may well be the genre's most profoundly challenging record since Merzbow went laptop. Bermuda Drain is a boldly melodic, beat based synth record, complete with the very verse/chorus/bridge structures that the community so often defines it self by eschewing. The Prurient of today is more truly in line with the original spirit of noise than ever before. We give it two years before there is a collaboration with Trent Reznor.

Artwork Photography by Ari Marcopoulos

1. Many Jewels Surround The Crown (2:45)
2. A Meal Can Be Made (2:17)
3. Bermuda Drain (3:08)
4. Watch Silently (3:24)
5. Palm Tree Corpse (5:20)
6. There Are Still Secrets (3:53)
7. Let’s Make a Slave (4:33)
8. Myth of Sex (4:26)
9. Sugar Cane Chapel (5:39)

Hydra Head/Vacation Exclusive Color: 'Spoiled Plantain' Vinyl.
Also available, 'Blue Rope' Vinyl and Black Vinyl.

Free with all in-store album purchases: Prurient sticker, Bermuda Drain poster and, for Vacation in-store customers only, a limited edition Prurient 'Watch Silently' candle. While Supplies Last!

'Bermuda Drain' CS repress now back in stock!

"Cassette Club: Who, How, and Why" - with Vacation's George Jensen @Synchronicity Space

“Cassette Club: Who, How, and Why.
Saturday, July 9 at 7pm
@ Synchronicity Space
713 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Christina Gubala and George Jensen (Vacation Vinyl's Pride and Joy)

Christina Gubala and George Jensen run the cassette label Complicated Dance Steps. After working in various corners of the music industry, they decided to combine their experience and resources to start releasing albums from their Los Feliz abode in October 2010. Since founding the label, they have released nine albums and have three more projects slated for Summer 2011. In addition to label work, George mans the counter at Vacation Vinyl in Silver Lake, while Christina serves as the house DJ at Cana Rum Bar in Downtown LA.


Amanda Brown and Britt Brown
Britt and Amanda Brown co-founded Not Not Fun Records in 2004, which to date has released just under 250 LPs, cassettes, CDs, and other junk. Some of their musical projects are things you’ve heard of (Pocahaunted, Robedoor, LA Vampires) and some are things you haven’t (Weirdo/Begeirdo, Topaz Rags, Barrabarracuda, Knit Witch). But their art extends far beyond the audible realm. Amanda makes raw food gems with funny/punny names and writes novels and artsy-smartsy screenplays. And Britt paints ninjas and doodles comics, as well as describing music for the interweb and beyond.

WIFE in-store + Keith Morris Radio Show News

In-Store + Pipe Candy Album Release Party
@Vacation Friday July 8th - 7pm

WIFE is a collaborative project between long time musical partners Andrew Thomas and Nick Steinhardt. Our goal is to create the music we would love to listen to; overly elongated, tastefully loud, dazed, and melodic. A foundation of spontaneity as well as fully formed structure. We find inspiration in experimentation, manipulation, and repetition...and all kinds of delay pedals.

This guy, Pete Majors, will be DJing
Keith Morris' online radio show:
Tuesday July 12th
from 3pm-5pm
Listen up!

Coming Soon:
The new LP from

'Bermuda Drain'
will be available on exclusive color vinyl limited to 100 copies
via Vacation in store and online!
Coming Soon!