MIDLIFE VACATION in-store on July 20th @ 7pm

MIDLIFE VACATION free in-store
Wednesday, July 20th @ 7pm

Midlife Vacation is a duo of two ex-Detroit electronics giants now relocated to the PNW,

individually known as Mammal and Viki.

The early 2000s were fraught with heavy industrial/beat/soundtrack wasteland stylings of these two.

Now they're playing their first shows outside of Michigan as their duo Midlife Vacation, with parts

of their solo projects sound mixed in with influences along the lines of Thrones and

obscure italian soundtrack vibes, Carpenter bass throb and drum hits, and Detroit minimalism.

Check out two songs from their recent performance in Oakland last weekend!

They are also playing a show on Friday, July 22nd at 9pm at Dem Passwords with:

Daily Life (feat. CF of Kites/Mark Lord), Lucky Dragons and Pedestrian Deposit