WIFE in-store + Keith Morris Radio Show News

In-Store + Pipe Candy Album Release Party
@Vacation Friday July 8th - 7pm

WIFE is a collaborative project between long time musical partners Andrew Thomas and Nick Steinhardt. Our goal is to create the music we would love to listen to; overly elongated, tastefully loud, dazed, and melodic. A foundation of spontaneity as well as fully formed structure. We find inspiration in experimentation, manipulation, and repetition...and all kinds of delay pedals.

This guy, Pete Majors, will be DJing
Keith Morris' online radio show:
Tuesday July 12th
from 3pm-5pm
Listen up!

Coming Soon:
The new LP from

'Bermuda Drain'
will be available on exclusive color vinyl limited to 100 copies
via Vacation in store and online!
Coming Soon!