free in-store performance
Tuesday, September 27th @ 7pm

“Leaving is quite possibly the most amazing record ever to mix shoegaze, metal, doom, drone, and everything beautifully badass. Seriously epic songs that fill your heart with joy and make your ears fucking bleed. Crank this motherfucker up and let the bliss wash over you while you bang your head.” – Anti-Gravity Bunny

“Planning For Burial bring together drone and shoegaze, this time with little splashes of doom metal and black metal. Bringing to mind Jesu, Pyramids & Nadja and My Bloody Valentine as well as the dreariness of Explosions In The Sky’s All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, this album is, much like HANL’s perfect Deathconsciousness, overflowing with emotion, almost to the point of being exhausting. I very strongly recommend this album, because it is definitely one of my favorite releases this year.” - Shock Mountain

Blood, Sweat + Vinyl
Music + Film Festival
15th of October in Oakland, CA

live rituals by
Saturday, September 24th @ 7pm

Live rituals by two unique LA-area bands operating loosely within the field of
black metal, clean, sparse atmospheres to dirty wailing tortured screams and washes of guitar punctuated by distant drums.

Friday, September 23rd @ 7pm

It’s circa the mid-1970’s and the Rolling Stones are recording in the luxury of the Caribbean and the New York Dolls are in the midst of their death throes… but in Hollywood, Ca. the Berlin Brats are torching the Sunset Strip, demolishing pay-to-play live gigs and bringing rock and roll into a psychosexual realm – all before the Sex Pistols have played a single note.

Sunday, September 18th @ 5pm

For 10 years the rumors have slowly spread from the Mid-South through the New England region of the United States of a group, known as THE BODY, declaring war on all they consider "FALSE" through rituals involving solid state amplification and jolting percussion. Their latest addition to the arsenal against the contrived is All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood. The duo has allied itself with the Assembly of Light Choir and members of bands as varied as Bonedust, Callers, Dead Times, Fang Island, Human Beast, Lichens, Made In Mexico, Otesanek, Trtrkmmr, What Cheer Brigade, & Work/Death on their latest LP.

The Body will perform for free at Vacation Vinyl on Sunday, September 18th @ 5pm!

Friday, September 16th @ 7pm

Siphon some fumes from the American Primitive guitar meanderings of John Fahey, the kitchen-sink folk of Califone, the boozy, Southern gothic literacy of James McMurtry, the populist guitar fireworks of Dean Ween, and the decadent noise of the Jesus & Mary Chain and you’ll have a heady ether somewhat akin to that which Stephen Brower & the Silent Majority are trying to project.

Stephen Brower and the Silent Majority will perform free at Vacation Vinyl on Friday, September 16th @ 7pm.

ST. VINCENT at SPACE 1520 on September 13th!

Buy the album at VACATION VINYL and get a wristband to attend the show free!

TOM HALL - Muted Angels CS Release Party on Friday, Sept. 2nd

Tom Hall's MUTED ANGELS sees a logical progression from previous releases. Letting go of peer idols and forging new ground, this album perfectly maps the intense geographical changes he's made in his physical life in just the past 12-months. Melding synthesized melodies with noise, field recordings and extensive processing both digital and analog sees Hall break into a realm that he can truly call his own.

Tom will be performing a live set in the shop with projected visual accompaniment by Janeva Zentz at 7PM. This event is free, and we will have copies of his new MUTED ANGELS cassette on hand!