Sunday, September 18th @ 5pm

For 10 years the rumors have slowly spread from the Mid-South through the New England region of the United States of a group, known as THE BODY, declaring war on all they consider "FALSE" through rituals involving solid state amplification and jolting percussion. Their latest addition to the arsenal against the contrived is All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood. The duo has allied itself with the Assembly of Light Choir and members of bands as varied as Bonedust, Callers, Dead Times, Fang Island, Human Beast, Lichens, Made In Mexico, Otesanek, Trtrkmmr, What Cheer Brigade, & Work/Death on their latest LP.

The Body will perform for free at Vacation Vinyl on Sunday, September 18th @ 5pm!

Friday, September 16th @ 7pm

Siphon some fumes from the American Primitive guitar meanderings of John Fahey, the kitchen-sink folk of Califone, the boozy, Southern gothic literacy of James McMurtry, the populist guitar fireworks of Dean Ween, and the decadent noise of the Jesus & Mary Chain and you’ll have a heady ether somewhat akin to that which Stephen Brower & the Silent Majority are trying to project.

Stephen Brower and the Silent Majority will perform free at Vacation Vinyl on Friday, September 16th @ 7pm.