Skeletonwitch: 2 song VIDEO Live from Vacation

Big thanks to Ohio's SKELETONWITCH for coming down and blazing through 35 minutes of their finest this past Sunday. It was one of those nice 'end to the weekend' sort of nights where the Colt 45 was ice cold and the band was absolutely slaying. If you weren't so sure about Skeletonwitch when you arrived, you were most certainly sure about them when you left.

We recorded the entire set, but what we've posted above are the first two songs of their set "Blinding Black Rage" and "Crushed Beyond Dust". Both tracks are from their new Prosthetic Records album Breathing The Fire, which luck would have it, is officially released today. As you might have guessed, we've got the album in stock and available for $16 on our most favorite of formats….and to make it just a notch sweeter, the band gave us some posters and patches to throw in with each purchase (while supplies last).

Now we're off to edit the comprising footage we have of their labels guys....we'll be using it to bargain for more colored vinyl from them!