LESBIAN Free in-store Fri April 2nd 7pm

Friday April 2nd 7pm

The Seattle-based quartet's multifaceted debut album Power Hör on Holy Mountain (Om, Six Organs of Admittance) heralds the birth of The New Wave of American Psychedelic Metal. Each of the album's four tracks shifts moods, dynamics and styles. In any given song, Lesbian deftly lunges from black metal-style blast-beat-and-16th-note-guitar-lines into '70s styled stoner rock riffing and then leaps into lush melodic passages reminiscent of Godspeed You Black Emperor! The band blends the best elements of many styles of metal: doom, thrash, black, progressive and, yes, even good old "heavy" metal.

Lesbian was formed on a whim in April 2004 by members of Pacific Northwest thunder-sludge bands Golgothan Sunrise, Asva and The Abodox for a one-off set at Seattle's Funhouse. The response was so overwhelming that guitarists Arran McInnis and Daniel La Rochelle, bassist/vocalist Dorando Hodous and drummer Benjamin Kennedy decided to continue on with Lesbian as their primary focus. The band's riffs are dissected and cut into vivid and imaginative parts that splinter and shift in shades of light and dark without coming across overly-technical and soulless. The cinematic quality of Power Hoer envelops a vast array of moods and ideas. It's entrancing and psychedelic while utterly pummeling at the same time.


Also in the house for those 21 year of age +