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"5 Producers with many different styles. Foniks, Alcendor, Accrete, Abstract Butta Fingas and New Systems Of Knowledge, have set a high bar in the alternative L.A. hip hop movement with their debut compilation, "Left Handed Acquisitions."

10 Tracks in all, some sample driven, some purely new compositions, but all able to keep your attention one way or the other. From NSOK’s drum driven "Carandiru Lockdown" to ABF’s elastic bass riffs on "Sugar Cubes in Zero Gravity," the listener will be in a world of music where classically trained ears or conventionally guided minds may find slightly askew but refreshing non-the same.

This project also includes guest appearances from Chicago’s Kid Static, Los Angeles’ Def Sound and 310. These lyrical maestros give the songs the official seal of the hip-hop underground community.
"Left Handed Acquisitions" proves itself to be quite the voyage, and that should be no surprise, because it is as multifaceted as the line up of artists involved in its creation"
- write up from Chicago's crosstalk