CITY of PROGRESS in-store Fri June 18th

In-Store + Record Release Party
Friday June 18th @ 7pm

They came from all over.
Some with guitars, or dreams of guitars. Others with
banjos, and dreams of casiotones. They emerged from
the concrete wilds of New Jersey, the salty mists of
the Great Northwest, and the piss and vinegar quahog
country of erce little Rhode Island. They came . . .
they progressed . . . to that great sprawl of glimmer
and grime that is the city of Los Angeles. And they
liked it there. So they formed a band.
A roll call of Human Machines: John Nixon lead gui-
tar, drums, harmonies, tight pants; Max \The Ham-
mer" Berkelhammer drums, keys, banjo, dendrochronol-
ogy; Richie Parmerter bassist, synth-man, cutie-pie;
Byron Kahr guitar, vocals, songwriter, totally legit.
These are the disparate elements that form the City of
Progress. They are a band of men, who make music
for both men and women. It is warm. It is jagged.
It is (despite the profound inuence of Austrian-avant
gardist, Karl Anton Fleck), distinctly American music.
The good kind. The Gram Parsons kind.
Not the Toby Keith kind.

-Alex Johnston

These guys will be here too:
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