Starting today, and running while supplies last, you can step into the lovely new Vacation Vinyl store to pre-order
Torche's new CD/LP, Songs For Singles!

The album is available for pre-order on both CD and LP. The LP version comes in 5 colors as listed below. The most limited color (which should be 'teal' but we'll have to just wait and see how it comes out) is practically exclusive to Vacation Vinyl and is currently not available for order anywhere else.

This is a one-per-custumer, first-come-first-serve sorta deal, and is available to in-store customers only. You are welcome to order one copy of each color while supplies last…
just not two of each color.

And if that were not exciting enough, there's more! When you stop by to pre-order the new album, please enter your name to win a test press copy of Songs For Singles.*

Vacation Vinyl has moved to Los Angeles' Sunset Junction!
We are no located at 3815 W Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90026.

*No purchase necessary. Just come in and put your name on a ballot. It's that easy. There are two test presses to win, so you got a decent shot. Go for it. Get it done.