free in-store performance
on Friday, Nov. 18th @ 7pm

Tennis System likes noise. It likes it so much that at this year's SXSW, the local Austin cops shut down two of its shows due to noise complaints. Via two guitars creating a reverb whirlwind, roaring drums and a droning bass, they will flatten you with their sound, and dig you out from underneath the pile along with their buried shoegaze melodies. The noisy, earnest legacy of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus and Mary Chain lives on in the expansive, catchy-as-hell pop songs of Tennis System.

free in-store performances
on Saturday, Nov. 19th @ 8pm

Another Crepusculo Negro double-feature here at Vacation Vinyl, Dolorvotre will slash out ghasly, wailing black metal pushing you downwards into a halucinogenic hell while The Haunting Presence spew forth violent and shamanistic chaos invoked by horror and anxiety, conjurations of supernatural terror!

FYF & Vacation Vinyl present
plus special guests TBA
at the ECHOPLEX, Thursday, January 26th

Hard tickets are available at Vacation Vinyl for $15 CASH ONLY.

We are also selling soft tickets (cash only) to ALL FYF shows, which includes these upcoming gems:

LEMURIA w/ Roman Candles + more @ the Smell, 11/25/11 9pm - $9
THOU / The Body / Harassor @ the Smell, 1/17/12 9pm - $10