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Full Of Hell could be described as the ultimate of extreme music: Take all the rawest, dirtiest and heaviest bits of Hardcore, Punk, extreme Metal, Grindcore, Sludge and even Power Electronics, give them to a bunch of young, angry and extremely motivated sickos and get wrecked.



Heartless is a hardcore/punk outfit from Pittsburgh that specializes in pummeling, morose, low-end/high-speed riffage. We'll have copies of their "Hell is Other People" LP in stock as well!

BURNING WITCH BOX SET four LPs, a DVD and a 40pg 12"x12" book! 40-page booklet & Live DVD

This beast has been in the works for over 3 years! The wait is finally over! The last nails have been pounded into the Burning Witch coffin!

Vinyl includes:
Towers LP
Rift Canyon Dreams LP
Bleeder/R.C.D. LP
Live at the China Club LP

Although Burning Witch only actually existed for a short period of time (1995–1998) the absolutely crushing impact they left is immense! This box compiles every authorized (ie: listenable) recording the band ever made. Towers... and Rift.Canyon.Dreams might be more familiar a they were compiled as the Crippled Lucifer CD.

Iron Balls of Steel LP

Loincloth consists of (former) members from Confessor, Kenmores and Breadwinner with to goal to create instrumental prog/doom metal without any vocals, acoustic parts, no pointless guitar leads and no repetition. An interesting approach if you ask me, so let’s have a closer look whether they managed to deliver on their debut album, entitled Iron Balls Of Steel…

The phrase “All killer and no filler” comes into mind when listening to Iron Balls Of Steel. The album consists of 16(!) rather short instrumental tracks which hit the listener with the proverbial sledgehammer, while retaining the sort of musical sophistication in the best progressive rock/metal tradition. Try to imagine a fully stripped Intronaut or Mastodon and you’ll get a pretty solid idea of what you can expect from Loincloth.

Iron Balls Of Steel isn’t a pretty record. It’s massive and raw and it has more staying power than Soilent Green and Crowbar combined. This album is graced with a massive production which perfectly underscores the uncompromising nature and attitude of this band. Very becoming indeed! -- "Alternative Matter"