CINDER CONE in-store Friday July 2nd

In-Store + 7" Record Release Party
THIS FRIDAY July 2nd @ 7pm

Cinder Cone, a two-piece minimalist rock outfit from Los Angeles, emit a thunderous sound. Anyone can attest to this if they have attended a Cinder Cone show, listened to the band’s releases, or even heard a rumbling somewhere near a downtown practice space on the banks of the great LA River. Only two members comprise the band: David plays drums, and Anthony plays guitar and throat. They do not use keyboards, laptops, or any other technical wizardry to create their sound. Their full sound of octopus drumming and innovative fretwork weave together to place the listener on a propulsive freeway one minute only to drop them off in a placid field the next, capping off the journey with an earthquake of drum rolls and electric precision.

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