ROSETTA Free In-Store Friday July 23rd


Friday July 23rd 7pm
Rosetta is a democratic collective, and writes and performs as a unit. It formed in June 2003. Its members are: Michael Armine, David Grossman, Bruce McMurtrie Jr., and James Matthew Weed.

"Metal for astronauts": not meaning a programmatic soundtrack to spaceflight itself, but more a sonic expression that might be found especially enjoyable by the particular type of person whose occupation or preoccupation has taken them -- physically or metaphysically -- out of the Earth's atmosphere. The Galilean Satellites is about one such space man.

We oppose the "music industry" and its exploitative treatment of unsuspecting artists. DIY is an ethic that works. We oppose "music criticism" and hype-filled magazines that set themselves up as arbiters of taste. We support grindcore. We support Paul Stanley. We oppose silly names for musical microgenres that begin with "post-". We oppose artwork composed of dead trees, flaming skulls, or dead naked women. We support symbolic exchange and the existence and pursuit of real Meaning.
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